Sudarshan Ayurveda Nari Sanjeevani For Women (300ml)

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Nari Sanjivani is highly effective in menstrual problems, irregular cycles, leuchoria and pain in lower abdomen. Holistic medicine for all common gynecological problems. Pathmeda vedlakshna nari sanjivani, a combination of natural herbs, is quite beneficial for women in menorrhagia (rakt pradar), leukorrhoea (swet pradar), menstrual irregularities, problems related to periods, and back pain. This natural remedy helps to balance the hormones and promote normal functioning of sexual organs. It is a wonderful herbal product that gives relief in tiredness, headache, and feeling of discomfort, mood changes and backache etc.

What dose it do

  • effective in menstrual problems, irregular cycles, leucchoria and pain in lower abdomen
  • Restore Hormonal, Emotional & Nutritional balance.
  • Helps to increase the blood level, blood purification & improve women’s strength & working stamina.

What make it so good

  • Pure Ayurvedic Formula so its 100% Safe
  • It is prepared by worlds largest gaushala shree pathmeda gaushala by expert vedacharya. It is combination of natural herbs with gomutra ark which inhace the action of medicine.
  • No side effect and easy to take

How to use

  •  Take 2-2 spoon after  meal twice a day

स्त्री रोग-रक्त प्रदर , श्वेत प्रदर , मासिक धर्म के समय कष्ट होना , पेडू का दर्द तथा कमर दर्द में लाभदायी



ASHOKA (Saraca indica) 600 mg
Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) 600 mg
Harar (Terminalia chebula) 100 mg
Bahera (Terminalia Ballirica) 100 mg
Amla (Phyllanthus EMBELICA ) 100 mg
Babool ( Acasia arabica) 200 mg
Bargad (Ficus Indica) 200 mg
Goolar (Ficus Golmerata) 200 mg
Jeerak ( Cuminum Cyminum ) 100 mg
Ulat Kambal ( Abroma Augusta) 100 mg
Kantkari (Solanum XANTHOCARPUM ) 100 mg
Manjistha ( Rubia Cordifolia ) 100 mg
Daru Haridra ( Berberis Aristata) 100 mg
Aamrasthi ( Mangifera Indica) 100 mg
Punarnava ( Boerhavia Diffusa ) 100 mg
Dhat Ki Puspa ( Woodfordia Floribunda) 100 mg
Aswagandha ( Withania Somnifera ) 100 mg
Shatavari ( Asparagus RACEMOSUS ) 100 mg
Vidarikand ( Pueria Tuberosa ) 100 mg
Nag Keshar ( Mesua Ferrae ) 100 mg
Brahmi ( Centella Asiatica ) 40 mg
Shankhpuspi ( Convolvulus Pluricaulis) 20 mg
Sugar base Q.S.

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